Dr. Roy Endenburg

Orthopaedic Surgery in Cape Town

Dr. Roy Endenburg is a General Orthopaedic Surgeon concentrating on lower limb problems, including orthopaedic trauma, the treatment of sports injuries & arthroplasty of hip & knee. Dr. Endenburg has a special interest in the Oxford Knee. He works in partnership with Dr Mike Mulder who concentrates on upper limb injuries and surgery.

Dr Endenburg has a multi-disciplinary approach to these complex problems and has the backup of an experienced diagnostic and rehabilitation team.

Dr. Endenburg and his team are based at Constantiaberg Mediclinic in Cape Town, South Africa.

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Education. Experience. Integrity.

Dr. Endenburg provides comprehensive information so patients can understand their orthopaedic condition and be involved in making decisions about their care.

Dr. Roy Endenburg - Orthopaedic Surgeon, Cape Town, South Africa

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