Using the most durable surfaces

Using the most durable surfaceThe forces traveling through the knee joint are massive. The correct alignment allows for even distribution of these forces throughout the knee.

When having a Total Knee replacement it is very important to use durable materials to reduce the amount of wear on these surfaces over time. The knee that I use has 3 basic components that could be exposed to wear: the knee cap or patella, the femur component & the tibia component.

Unless there is considerable disease of the patella, we usually do not replace that. If it needs replacement we use a highly cross-linked polyethylene similar to the tibial surface. These surfaces are exposed to the forces of the knee and due to the very durable nature of this polyethylene, the wear is minimal over time.

The femoral component is made from Vanadium. This together with Titanium has properties that are the closest to your natural bone. The Vanadium is oxidised into a material called Oxinium and has an extremely durable surface it has ceramic like properties making its wear very little over time.

If you want the best surfaces for the longest survival (of the knee) then I would highly recommend that these materials get used for your new knee.

Bearing Surfaces

Oxinium = Oxidised Vanadium

XLPE = Cross Linked PolyEthylene

Wears at 0.58mm per million cycles