Uni-compartmental knee arthroplasty

Oxford Uni-compartmental knee arthroplastyThis is an excellent option, if you meet the criteria.

Even if there is mild arthritis on the other side or if the patella shows some degeneration, an Oxford uni-compartmental knee replacement is a much smaller procedure with very good results and doesn't take the option of having a total knee replacement from you. Most time we do this for medial (inside) compartment arthritis but it can be done for lateral (outside) compartment and patello-femoral arthritis too.

For this procedure, we usually don't need to consult a physician unless there is a reason to do so. You will be admitted a few hours before the procedure. The procedure takes approximately 90 minutes and you wont need to go to high care. We don't use a catheter either. There is less trauma to the knee as there is no dislocation and usually we are able to start you walking on the same day as the procedure. Time in hospital is less and we usually discharge you on day 2 or 3. Many places in the UK and the US are doing these as day cases now (in and out on the same day).